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Jul 30, 2019

S2E3 - Maybe you have seen a historic building or a structure with some architectural interest getting restored to its former glory. While the restorer may have purely aesthetic interests, they also may have a little help from Historic Tax Credits. Michael Craven of Enhanced Capital demystifies this perhaps little known...

Jul 23, 2019

S2E2 - Mid City is happening and one of the best places to hear music in this revitalized part of Baton Rouge is the Mid City Ballroom. James Fogle is one of the proprietors of the Mid City Ballroom, he also happens to be a real estate professional, and he's our guest on Rousing Housing. James and Rousing Housing host

Jul 16, 2019

S2E1 - Welcome back to Rousing Housing, the podcast of Commerce Title. To kick-off Season 2, host Calvert Stone walks listeners through a real estate disaster that appeared (at first) to be an $80,000 blunder. This episode is dedicated to the idea that talking about problems is just as important as sharing successes,...