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Jul 30, 2019

S2E3 - Maybe you have seen a historic building or a structure with some architectural interest getting restored to its former glory. While the restorer may have purely aesthetic interests, they also may have a little help from Historic Tax Credits. Michael Craven of Enhanced Capital demystifies this perhaps little known and probably misunderstood process with Rousing Housing host Calvert Stone. What is the purpose of these credits? How do they work? What is the life-cycle of credits and how do they impact a community? These questions and more are answered on this episode of Rousing Housing.

Calvert Stone is an attorney with Commerce Title in Baton Rouge, LA. From large, complex commercial transactions to small home equity loans, Commerce Title is prepared to handle your closing in an efficient, professional manner. Close with confidence! Learn more by calling 225-769-8800 or visiting Commerce Title online. Find Commerce Title on Instagram or Facebook. Please note: This podcast is for informational purposes only.