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Feb 7, 2022

BONUS – Todd Lamb of Lamb Investments, LLC traded a bucket of chicken and some beer for an education in how to own and manage mobile home parks. From that slightly inauspicious beginning, Todd and his investors own over thirty mobile home parks in Texas and Louisiana, overseeing the communities and approximately 4,500 homesites.

Todd sits down with our very own Calvert Stone to talk about what’s the secret to successful management in mobile home parks and why it’s such an in-demand and profitable investment. Calvert gets to the bottom of why there was a stigma around mobile home parks and Todd educates on the multiple streams of revenue investors enjoy from low-cost housing, and exactly the problems these housing communities solve.

You won’t owe us a bucket of chicken for this episode, but you sure are to gain an education about this particular type of housing. A must-listen to anyone interested in real estate investing. And whatever you do, don’t you dare call mobile home communities trailer parks!

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Calvert Stone is an attorney with Commerce Title in Baton Rouge, LA. From large, complex commercial transactions to small home equity loans, Commerce Title is prepared to handle your closing in an efficient, professional manner. Close with confidence! Learn more by calling 225-769-8800 or visiting Commerce Title online. Find Commerce Title on Instagram or Facebook. Please note: This podcast is for informational purposes only.