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Jul 3, 2018

S1E4 - With a company name like Flips N More, LLC, you can guess that Sandy Scallan knows something about flipping properties in Baton Rouge. Sandy joins host Calvert Stone on Rousing Housing to talk about her experience flipping. Sandy also has a real flair for style and does a tremendous amount of designing and updating of her flips. Sandy talks about how home trends make their way to Baton Rouge, the importance of staging (and explains what staging is), plus shares some key insights about working with a partner and how to know if a flip is likely to be profitable. Sandy is also a Realtor with Villar and Company.

Calvert Stone is an attorney with Commerce Title in Baton Rouge, LA. From large, complex commercial transactions to small home equity loans, Commerce Title is prepared to handle your closing in an efficient, professional manner. Close with confidence! Learn more by calling 225-769-8800 or visiting Commerce Title online or Facebook. Please note: This podcast is for general informational purposes only.